Corporate governance and risk management

Group: Corporate governance and risk management

Acronym: GOCOGRI

Registry number: C22/0720

School/Centre: LAW


  • Campuzano Laguillo, Ana Belén (Main researcher)
  • Calderón Patier, Carmen
  • Molina Hernández, Cecilio
  • Pérez Suay, Andrea

Research thematic areas:

  • Corporate governance. The board of directors of capital companies
  • Corporate legal risks
  • Economic business risks

UNESCO Code: 5699


Gobierno de la Empresa, Riesgos Jurídicos y Económicos Empresariales

Relevant characteristics of the research group (description of the group's activity):

The Corporate Governance and Risk Management Research Group analyses and contrasts best practices in corporate governance, as well as the impact and development in such governance of new technologies. The fundamental aspects studied include good corporate governance practices (corporate social responsibility and regulatory compliance); the actions of the management body of commercial companies (duties of diligence and loyalty); the corporate liability of company directors (liability for damages and liability for corporate obligations); pre-bankruptcy alternatives in insolvency (refinancing agreements and out-of-court payment agreements); insolvency proceedings (effects and solutions); and the use of technology in business management (efficiency-risk-cost).

The research also relates its results to the activities carried out by the members of the Research Group in Universidad CEU San Pablo-Mutua Madrileña Chair, which includes a line of Corporate Governance and Risk Management that aims to contribute to the training of qualified professionals in business risk management and to promote the transfer of knowledge in risk management and insurance to society. It is also linked to the research lines of the CEU International Doctoral School (CEINDO), specifically with the one on corporate restructuring and competitive markets.