Bone Physiopathology

Group: Bone Physiopathology

Acronym: FPO

Registry number: C03/0720

School/Centre: MEDICINE


  • Rodríguez de Gortázar Alonso Villalobos, Arancha (Main researcher)
  • Ardura Rodríguez, Juan Antonio
  • Alonso Rodríguez, Veronica
  • Forriol Campos, Francisco
  • Portal Núñez, Sergio
  • Bravo Molina, Beatriz
  • Pozuelo González, José Manuel
  • Rodríguez Ramos, María del Rosario
  • Durán Mateos, Esther Mª
  • Tirado Cabrera, Irene

Research thematic areas:

  • Bone physiology
  • Cancer and bone metastasis
  • Diabetic osteopenia and cellular ageing
  • Arthrosis and joint regeneration

UNESCO Code: 241008, 320714


Skeleton, Bone Metabolism, Osteocytes, Osteoblasts, Osteoclasts, Osteoclasts, Cancer, Diabetes, Ageing, Metastasis

Relevant characteristics of the research group (description of the group's activity):

Our line of research focuses on understanding the pathophysiological implications of communication between the different cells in the bone environment. We study the mechanisms of mechanotransduction in bone cells, as well as the activation of membrane receptors, which are key to bone metabolism (PTH1R, among others) and the impact of different pathologies such as diabetes or ageing on these processes. On the other hand, we study the role of communication between bone cells in the tumour microenvironment. We are interested in how factors produced by tumour cells affect the formation of pre-metastatic bone niches and tumour progression.