Assessment and treatment of sensorimotor control disorders

Group: Assessment and treatment of sensorimotor control disorders

Acronym: FisioMov

Registry number: G21/4-07

School/Centre: MEDICINE


  • Martín-Pintado Zugasti, Aitor (Main researcher)
  • Pérez Fernández, Tomas
  • Liébana Sánchez-Toscano, Sonia
  • Jiménez Reguera, Begoña
  • Linares Fernández, Mª Teresa
  • Cabrera Guerra, Myriam
  • Escudero Romero, Raúl
  • Barreda Martínez, Paloma
  • Rodríguez López, Oscar
  • Moggioli, Filippo

Research thematic areas:

1.      Sensorimotor control assessment in healthy and sick people

2.       Treatment of sensorimotor control changes

3.       Use of new technologies in the assessment and treatment of functional changes 

UNESCO Code: 321311


Rehabilitation, Craneocervical Pain, Motor Control, Sensors, Movement Dysfunction, Technology

Relevant characteristics of the research group (description of the group's activity):

Fisiomov research group sets out lines of research related to the assessment of movement changes and the functionality in patients with different pathologies and painful cases. The group promotes the use of new technologies or instruments that facilitate or improve the assessment procedures of sensorimotor control that already exist. Thus, it is possible to discover new assessment methods and, at the same time, provide relevant data in the description of pathologies that help understand its nature. This may even have clinical implications for the way health professionals assess and treat these pathologies.

Contact: [email protected]