Property law

Group: Property law

Acronym: DCP

Registry number: PC09/0621

School/Centre: LAW


  • 1. ROBLES LATORRE, PEDRO (Main researcher)
  • 2. Fernández González, Maria Ángeles
  • 3. Pozo Sierra, Belén de
  • 4. Bueno Núñez, Silvia

Research thematic areas:

1.       Law of obligations and contract law

2.       Real property law

3.       Inheritance law

UNESCO Code: 560502


Private Law, Civil Law, Property Law, Contract Law, Law of Obligations, Real Property Law, Inheritance Law

Relevant characteristics of the research group (description of the group's activity):

The aim of this group is to calmly study Civil Law within its propietary aspect. This involves the study of mandatory propietary relations, the obligations that arise within inheritance, property or marital and familiar relationships, whether they are contractuals or extra-contractuals. Additionally, real estate ownerships shall also be studied, specially property.

The continuous evolution and transformation of society necessarily entails rethinking the institutions that must accompany this evolution. Concern for the environment, legal digitalisation, the presence of consumers in mass contracting, etc., are factors that must undoubtedly be taken into account in the new approaches to be developed in future legislative reforms.

That reforms are necessary is evidenced by the numerous legislative modifications that have been carried out in recent years in neighbouring countries (Law of Obligations in France, Real Property Law in Belgium) and in the important reform projects that exist in Spain, such as the project to reform the Civil Code promoted by the Spanish Association of Civil Law Professors (Asociación de Profesores de Derecho civil). 

Through seminars, publications and conferences, this group aims to contribute to the study and development of civil property law.