Metabolomic and Bioanalysisi Centre

Group: Metabolomic and Bioanalysisi Centre

Acronym: CEMBIO

Registry number: E01/0720

School/Centre: Pharmacy


  • Barbas Arriba, Coral (Main researcher)
  • Garcia Fernandez, Antonia
  • Lopez Gonzalvez, Mª Angeles
  • Lorenzo Garcia, Mª Paz
  • Gradillas Nicolas, Ana
  • Gil De La Fuente, Alberto
  • Rey Stolle Valcarce, Mª Fernanda
  • Ruperez Pascualena, Fco Javier
  • Saiz Galindo Jorge
  • Angulo Diaz Parreño, Santiago

Research thematic areas:

  • Development of methodologies to improve the work flow in Metabolomics.
  • Metabolomics applied to the study of physiopathologic processess. 
  • Bioanalysis with different separation methods and mass spectrometry.  

UNESCO Code: 2301


Bioanalysis, Metabolomics, Chromatography, Mass spectrometry, Data analysis

Relevant characteristics of the research group (description of the group's activity):

Universidad CEU San Pablo Metabolomics and Bioanalysis Excellence Centre (CEMBIO) is an important mass spectrometry laboratory consolidated in the international scene. Its aim is to carry out the study of low molecular weight biological compounds (< 1500 Da). The staff faces the challenges of the metabolomics research (both targeted and non-targeted) and develops the necessary tools and strategies for the research international community. It includes technical equipment and qualified staff to advice during all the steps in the analytical process, whether for target or non-target analysis in any type of biological sample.

Equipment: 2 LC-MS (QTOF); LC-MS(QqQ); GC-MS (Q); GC-QTOF-MS; 2 CE-MS (TOF); and General Equipment in Analytical Chemistry Laboratory. SIMCA; MATLAB and software tools ad hoc for data treatment.

Staff: 18 people including University teachers, post-docs, doctoral students, technical staff, mobility staff. Fields of knowledge: Analytical Chemistry, Mass Spectrometry, Biochemistry, Pharmacy, Statistics, Computer Science...

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