Chair in Financial Markets Law

Group: Chair in Financial Markets Law

Acronym: CDMF

Registry number: C19/0720

School/Centre: LAW


  • Martínez-Echevarría y García de Dueñas, Alfonso (Main researcher)
  • Alonso de Escamilla, Avelina
  • Rodríguez Martínez, Isabel
  • González Sánchez, Sara
  • Santos Rodríguez, Patricia

Research thematic areas:

  • Securities Market Law
  • Banking Credit Market Law
  • Risk-Insurance Market Law
  • Corporate Governance and Company Law
  • International Commercial Arbitration
  • Venture Capital Companies and their operations (private equity and venture capital)

UNESCO Code: 5605.03, 5604.99


Financial Markets Law, Securities Market Law, Banking Law, Insurance Law, Corporate Governance, Venture Capital

Relevant characteristics of the research group (description of the group's activity):

The Research Group is interdisciplinary -interweaving commercial law, criminal law, private international law, philosophy and the General Theory of Law in its study work- and includes among its members: academic researchers and researchers who carry out their activity in the day-to-day work of the financial markets.

The researchers of the Chair in Financial Markets Law are awardees and principal investigators of research projects of the State R&D&I Plan and other calls for proposals, and collaborate in national and international projects promoted by other research groups. As a result of this activity, there are reciprocal links between the Chair in Financial Markets Law and other research centres, such as the universities of Aahrus, Brunel, Columbia, Durham, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Guadalajara (Mexico), Harvard, Marburg, Oslo, Oxford, UCL, the Max-Plank for International Private Law in Hamburg, among others.

In addition to the regular publications of its researchers, the Chair in Financial Markets Law regularly produces collective works on subjects such as financial instrument markets, venture capital, corporate governance, company law, credit markets, arbitration, etc.

The organisation of national and international conferences, seminars, courses and other activities is one of the means of disseminating the Chair's research results. Many of these activities are available on the Chair's YouTube channel (

The Chair publishes a monthly Newsletter and has edited together with Spanish Official State Gazette Agency (Agencia Estatal BOE) more than 15 regulatory compendiums, accessible on the website of this Agency.


Grupo Cátedra de Derecho de los Mercados Financieros