This specific program taught by professors from the University of Chicago to students from the CEU San Pablo University brings a differentiating element to the student's academic curriculum by offering outstanding training at one of the best universities in the United States.

It is a unique initiative in Europe designed by the CEU San Pablo University to provide its students with a Pharmacy degree or a simultaneous Pharmacy + Biotechnology degree with a global quality education with international recognition.

Advantages of the Program

Through this special program, the students will receive, in addition to official undergraduate education at the CEU San Pablo University, a solid education provided by professors from the University of Chicago Graham School of Continuing Liberal and Professional Studies in clinical trial management, an area with high employment in the pharmaceutical sector, which will also be accompanied by an observational study in Chicago hospitals.

The contribution of the American educational system to the education of students in this program guarantees the learning of scientific-technical English necessary for their correct professional development at an international level and the stimulation of critical thinking necessary to develop essential skills for conflict resolution and decision making.

The university of Chicago

The University of Chicago is the tenth best university in the world according to the latest world ranking of universities and, in its more than 120 years of history, it has had 89 Nobel Prize winners among its members and has not ceased in its effort to promote the generation of new ideas and reflections. At The Graham School of Continuing Liberal Arts and Professional Studies, students' interaction with leading professionals and professors known as the world's greatest thinkers produces a true metamorphosis in them, moving from mere receptors to true leaders.



During the 5th year of the Pharmacy degree at USPCEU, the student of the program will take 6 classroom modules and a subject of his/her choice in Chicago.

  • Good clinical practices
  • The drug development process
  • Statistical concepts for clinical research
  • Fundamentals of site management
  • Fundamentals of clinical monitoring
  • Project management and leadership in the Health Care Industry
  • An obligatory subject of the University of Chicago graduate programs


The student of the program benefits from two different and complementary educational methods, which combined, provides the student with a global vision and a capacity of adaptation that will be highly valued at the time of accessing the job market.


The program modules are taught in English and the papers related to the program will be delivered in this same language. Although the program offers the possibility of improving the student's English level, it is aimed at candidates with a high level of English (C1).

Degree obtained

  • "International Certificate in Clinical Trials Management & Regulatory Compliance" given by the University of Chicago.

(*) Studies that do not lead to an officially recognized qualification


This program is open to students studying one of the following degrees at the CEU San Pablo University:

  • Degree in Pharmacy (Bilingual option)
  • Degree in Pharmacy and Degree in Human Nutrition and Dietetics (Bilingual Option)
  • Degree in Pharmacy and Degree in Optics, Optometry and Audiology (Bilingual Option)
  • Degree in Pharmacy + Biotechnology (Bilingual option)
  • Degree in Pharmacy and Degree in Business Administration and Management (Bilingual Option)



In addition to the regular fees for the degree or degrees the student is enrolled at USPCEU, the CEU-The University of Chicago Clinical Trials Management program has specific fees that cover the following concepts:

  • 1 TOEFL IBT test and a preparation course
  • Assistance from the program coordinators
  • Teaching at the University of Chicago
  • Academic fees of the University of Chicago
  • Books and materials needed for the course in Chicago
  • ccommodation in Chicago
  • Meal Plan in Chicago
  • “CTA Pass" transportation card
  • Compulsory Health Insurance of the University of Chicago

Price Promotion 2020-2021 (mobility in 2024) : 25.271 € (*) This price will be paid at the time of the mobility.

Program Scholarships

Regardless of the public or private scholarships and grants that students may apply on their own, the program provides some scholarships for the mobility to Chicago. These scholarships will be granted at the end of the semester prior to the mobility and will be awarded to the best academic records. The amount granted will be deducted from the amount of the mobility to Chicago.


Admission Conditions

To access the CEU-The University of Chicago Bilingual Program, students must pass the entrance exams of the CEU San Pablo University , which include an English test, a test of In order to access this program, students must pass the university entrance exams, which will include an English test, a test of competences and a personal interview with a program coordinator. After the general access tests, the candidate will have a personal interview with a program coordinator. Finally, the student must pass the entrance exams for the University of Chicago. 

Specific Conditions for Mobility to Chicago

The students will have to score, one year before the mobility, a level of 90 points in the TOEFL IBT or 7 points in the IELTS exam. They also must have passed 180 ECTS of the degree taken at the CEU San Pablo University. Students must also fulfill all the administrative and legal requirements demanded by the University of Chicago to the international students who request to study in the United States.

In addition, the student must comply with the regulations that the University of Chicago applies to its students.

How to apply

In order to apply, please visit our Admission service.


Students of the University of Chicago

"The bilingual program has not only been a five-year degree, but it is guiding me in my next steps. As the end of my degree approached, I realized how the professors were changing from information sources to mentors. This program has allowed me to contact with industry professionals at the international level, world-renowned personalities, a luxury that is not available to all recently graduated pharmacists."
Julia Laín – Product Stewardshp and Regulatory Affairs Scientist in Cuts Ice Ltd. Y Estudiante de Máster en University College London (UCL)

"I am infinitely grateful for having been able to enjoy this experience that has taught me a lot and has provided me with very good professional contacts, international friends and incredible experiences."
Sofía Radley – Graduate Future Leaders Program at GSK

"This program combines the values and rigor of one of the best schools of Pharmacy in Spain with the excellence and recognition of one of the best universities in the world, a boost to an international bio-health career. The faculty at both institutions is excellent and demonstrates a high commitment to the program, always available to the student. The stay in Chicago, in the last year of the program, allows you to enter a different educational system, have an international career and meet very interesting people."
Alejandro García Castro – Graduate Future Leaders Progra – Marketing & Sales – Pharmaceuticals at GSK

Professors of The University of Chicago

"The university's bilingual program is clearly attracting a highly selective group of professionals in training who are becoming well equipped to contribute to health care both in their local communities and in the global health care environment.
It is rewarding - and lots of fun as an instructor – to see very intelligent and engaged students as they readily discover and then clearly articulate solutions to challenging health care case studies while, at the same time, working together in class as part of small teams and learning groups".
Richard R. Wilson, MD. Professor of Good Clinical Practices. The University of Chicago.

"The pharmacy students in the university’s bilingual program are exceptional. After the first day of teaching these students, I altered my course materials as I realized that these students were quite advanced. Their engagement, enthusiasm and knowledge in regards to clinical research and application was, and is, extraordinary. They are an enjoyable group of individuals to spend time with."
Clarice L. Copeman. Professor of Good Clinical Practices. The University of Chicago.

"The students were wonderful to teach in terms of their enthusiasm and interaction, specially in the two case study sessions. I wish to tell you that their performance was by far the best I have seen over the 20 years that I have being using them in their various forms. Your undergraduate students are undertaking work designed for taught postgraduate students in the UK and are performing at a higher level in my opinion"
Glyn Steventon, Programme Director MSc Applied Toxicology School of Biosciences and Medicine, University of Surrey, UK.


  1. Who should participate in the program?

    The program is aimed for students of Pharmacy or the double degrees of Biotechnology and Pharmacy, Human Nutrition and Dietetics and Pharmacy, Optics, Optometry and Audiology and Pharmacy, Business Administration and Management and Pharmacy, from the CEU San Pablo University with a clear international vocation and extensive knowledge of English, interested in achieving an international bilingual education of excellence.

  2. Do students in the program have access to any other mobility program?

    Yes, mobility to the University of Chicago is compatible with other types of bilateral international mobility or Erasmus. Students who wish to carry out another mobility will have to comply with the requirements established by the School of Pharmacy and consult in advance with the Program's Academic Coordinator.

  1. What requirements must the student meet to move to Chicago?

    In order to do the mobility to Chicago, the student has to fulfill the admission requirements of the University of Chicago, among them to have passed at least 180 ECTs in Spain and to have passed 90 points in the TOEFL IBT test or 7 points in the IELTS test. 

  2. What happens if I do not qualify for mobility?

    If you do not meet the requirements, the student can leave the Program.