International students

Presentación / Presentation

Our Faculty combines academic excellence in teaching and research with international projection. We offer our students personalized attention and the best infrastructures and equipment for their comprehensive education

Coordinadores de Relaciones Internacionales / International Relations Coordinators

Carmen Pérez. (Pharmacy degree)

Paola Otero. (Biotechnology, Nutrition and Optics)

Grados y planes de estudio / Degrees and study plans
  1. Courses taught in English

  2. Plan de estudios Grado en Farmacia/ Study plan Degree in Pharmacy

  3. Plan de estudios Grado en Biotecnología/ Study plan Degree in Biotechnology

  4. Plan de estudios Grado en Nutrición/ Study plan Degree in Nutrition

  5. Traineeships’s offer for international students

Other useful information USP-International (application, accommodation, Spanish courses).


Contact with your requests:

Carmen Pérez for Pharmacy degree

Paola Otero for Biotechnology, Nutrition and Optics