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Pharmacy student, number 3 in Resident Pharmacist Intern exam (FIR)


María Pilar Montero Antón, alumna of the Double Degree in Pharmacy and Nutrition and Dietetics (2014-2020) has come third in last year’s FIR exam to gain a place as resident intern pharmacist. This exam is the official training route for pharmaceutical specialists in Spain, whereby the higher the pass mark, the greater the possibility for the candidate to train in their chosen specialty. The successful applicant will begin a training period of professional scheduled practice, supervised by a tutor. In last year’s exam, there were 1,300 applicants contesting 267 places. The Ministry of Health has published the provisional results and there now follows a period where candidates can challenge their marks. The final selection will take place telematically in June.

24-year-old Montero Antón, who is based in Zaragoza, graduated last year with a first-class honors degree in Human Nutrition and Dietetic, and finished her studies in Pharmacy with an average mark of 91%. She is grateful for the "excellent academic and personal education" received at the university, and deeply appreciates the quality of teaching received during her time at the School of Pharmacy. She also values the many options that she has been able to take part in including supervised internships in hospitals and international mobility programs.

In her fourth year (2017-2018) she participated in a one-year exchange program at King's College London, where she learned to work with colleagues from different cultures and professions. There, she also completed an internship at St. Thomas Hospital and Guy´s Hospital, which reinforced her desire to specialize in the field of Hospital Pharmacy. Later on, she carried out her supervised internship in the hospital pharmacy service of the Jiménez Díaz Foundation (2019) where she reaffirmed her decision.

Montero Antón states that all the hard work to prepare herself for the exam, - with the added complications of COVID - has been worthwhile and fully encourages all pharmacy graduates who are thinking of taking this exam.

In the coming months, she expresses a wish: not to put aside Human and Dietetic Nutrition, which she is also passionate about. Perhaps in the area of ??parenteral nutrition, within the Hospital Pharmacy, she could combine both disciplines.

In addition to María’s excellent positioning, among the provisional FIR results, are included more former Pharmacy students from CEU San Pablo University; Ana Sánchez Cerviño, of the double degree in Pharmacy and Biotechnology, who is ranked 35, Itziar González García (147) and Nicolás Roa Ruiz (216).

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