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Aula Sociograph: the importance of neuromarketing

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The market research consulting company, Sociograph, and the CEU San Pablo University have signed a collaboration agreement to create a teaching space with the aim of helping students develop skills in accordance with the demands of the labour market. Under the name Aula Sociograph-CEU, both entities will join forces to attract talent and promote new projects adapted to student profiles.

Sociograph's Operations Manager, Elena Martín Guerra, began the event with a talk on the importance of neuromarketing, an innovative concept which allows us to understand people's interest and attention towards products or services, resulting in an improvement in market analysis. Both the University and the neuroscientific consultancy firm will organise training and evaluation sessions in this field as well as setting up innovation and entrepreneurship spaces for the implementation of various challenges and events.

About Sociograph

Sociograph is a Marketing Science consultancy specialising in the scientific understanding of conscious and unconscious consumer reactions. It offers a service based on neuroscientific technology and qualitative and quantitative techniques. It also provides assistance with a large volume of data combinations (Big Data) obtained from the hundreds of cases analysed in real environments.

Aulas CEU-Business

The University has created an authentic university-business link, promoting collaborative projects that bridge professional and academic worlds. This project, which began this academic year and is being implemented in all faculties, helps students to receive real-world training while taking their first steps into the job market.

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