Where to stay

As a parent of students who are currently selecting their future university, you would like to help them make a decision in any way you can.

It is a very important decision and we do not doubt that it includes many important aspects for you too. In this section, we try to answer all of the questions that we think you might ask yourself. We hope to help your children in making one of the most important choices of their lives.

The University of CEU San Pablo is an academic community that is participative, based on Christian humanity. We intend to contribute to the personal and professional development of our students.


Madrid is a cosmopolitan city, true to its customs, culture and art, but it is also a modern place with an important business center located on the axis of the city, the Castellana. The academic community is also part of its attractions. Madrid is adapted to the welcoming of foreign students thanks to the reputation and prestige of its universities. Consequently, its social and cultural life is very much oriented to this kind of public, young and very active.

The cultural hotspot is the Gran Vía, known as "little Broadway". A shopping street full of life and neon lights from the theatres and musicals. During the day Gran Vía is dynamic and full of people day and during the night this place becomes a meeting place for fun and frenzy. Nearby there are other interesting neighborhoods with a vibrant social life, especially when the weather is nice, such as La Latina, Malasaña or the Barrio de las Letras. As in many Spanish cities, the sidewalks are full of terraces to enjoy the sun, traditional tapas and Spanish cuisine.

There are many reasons to visit Madrid, like its history, culture, art, entertainment and sports.


Madrid is the second safest city in Europe. However, international students are considered a group at risk because they are young and foreign.

To educate our students, the University organizes a briefing at the beginning of the classes, as, although Madrid is a safe city, it is important to take precautions. The conference is conducted by the Madrid police and informs our students about safety precautions to take in the subway, at night, at home ...

We also provide them information on what to do in case they have been a victim or witness of a crime.

Emergency Telephone Number: within Spain 091 or 901 102 112; outside Spain +34 91 582 29 00

App for smartphones that puts you in contact with the police and gives you information about your location: alertcops

Police to the attention of the foreign citizen:

C/ Leganitos 19
28004 - Madrid (near to Pza. de España)
Horario: De 09:00 h. a 00.00 h. (todos los dias del año).
Tel.: +3491/5488537 - +3491/5488008


All students of our university receive CEU San Pablo University School Insurance, which covers accidents during school hours and commuting (travel one hour before and after school hours). It is important to know that this insurance does not cover all medical specialties and costs, that is, must be supplemented by a European Health Card the inclusion of private health insurance.

Citizens of the European Economic Area

(the 27 countries of the European Union plus Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway) who are entitled to social security in your country of origin must apply for the European Health Insurance Card. This form is issued by public health authorities in the different countries mentioned above and provides the right to obtain care benefits in Spain.

Citizens of countries outside the European Economic Area

must check the existence of agreements and bilateral arrangements between their country and Spain on social security and medical care. Currently, such agreements are effective only with certain Latin American countries such as Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Paraguay and Peru. There is also an agreement to this effect with the Principality of Andorra. If there is such an agreement between your country and Spain, it is necessary to contact the authorities of your country to treat the appropriate document, and thus obtain the right to health care benefits in Spain.

Extra-EU citizens from countries that have not signed an agreement with Spain

with regards to this matter are required to subscribe to a private health insurance because they cannot legally access the free Spanish Social Security. This health insurance is an indispensable prerequisite for the application and granting of student visas in the face of the Spanish consular offices and for subsequent application and granting of the "student residence permit" once in Spain. The insurance must be valid for the entire stay in Spain. This insurance can be Spanish or foreign, and shall include repatriation costs in case of death.

ASISA health insurance. The Santander Bank offers our students the opportunity to obtain a very advantageous private health insurance. In case you are interested, The International Student Admission and Support Service will give you more information.


As university life takes place beyond the classroom, CEU San Pablo University organizes activities for students in many areas: the University offers sports, culture and volunteering for students’ training to be complete.

For example, the Vice Rectorate for Students organized a welcome event at the beginning of the classes. During this session, all international students have the opportunity to get to know each other better. Throughout the school year trips are organized in and around Madrid, so that students can get to know the culture, cuisine and traditions that Spain offer.


The University of San Pablo CEU invites THE parents of our students and future students to visit the campus and facilities in order to get familiarized with the environment in which their children will live.

If you want to visit us, send an email to indicating your personal details, the student's name, and the visit dates that would suit you. We organize a full tour to see the facilities, meet a teacher and answer the administrative, legal and logistic question of our university and questions about your child's stay in Madrid.


Here is some information on hotels and hostels near the University with their approximate prices, where you can stay during your visit to Madrid.

The International Admission and Support Service is on Julián Romea, 18, Madrid, in the district of Moncloa - Aravaca in the neighborhood of Ciudad Universitaria.

Hotel Exe Moncloa**** Address: Arcipreste de Hita, 10, Chamberi, 28015 Madrid
Double room with one or two beds: 85-90 euros/night
Single room: 78 -87 euros
NH Madrid Alberto Aguilera*** Address: Alberto Aguilera, 18, Chamberi, 28015 Madrid
Double room from 79 euros/night
NH Madrid Argüelles*** Address: Vallehermoso, 65, Chamberi, 28015 Madrid
Double room with one or two beds: 80-90 euros/night
Single room: 70-80 euros/night
Husa Princesa**** Address: Princesa, 40, Madrid Centro, 28008 Madrid
Double room with one or two beds: from 85 euros/night
Triple room: from 119 euros/night

Hostal Ártico *** Address: Donoso Cortes, 69, Chamberí, 28015 Madrid
Double room with one or two beds: 65 euros/night
Single room: 40 euros/ night
T3 Tirol *** Address: Marques de Urquijo, 4, Moncloa-Aravaca, 28008 Madrid
Double room: from 54 euros/night
Triple room: 97 euros/night
Hostal Moncloa** Address: Hilarión Eslava, 16, Chamberí, 28015 Madrid,
Double room: from 45 euros/night
Single room: from 40 euros/night
Room for 3 people: from 55 euros/night
Hostal Angelines* Address: Hilarion Eslava,12, Chamberí, 28015 Madrid,
Double room: from 45 euros/night
Single room: from 40 euros/night

Apartamentos Argüelles Address: Vallehermoso, 3 Chamberí, 28015 Madrid
Bedsit for 2 adults: from 44 euros/night
Bedsit for 3 adults: from 51.30 euros/night
Aparto Suites Muralto *** Address: Buen Suceso, 3, Moncloa-Aravaca, 28008 Madrid
Apartment for 3 adults: 105 euro - 146 euro/night

Youth hostel
Albergue Juvenil Santa Cruz de Marcenado Address: Santa Cruz de Marcenado 28, 28015 Madrid (Centro)
From 14 euros/night
Room 007 Room 007
2 hostels:
Calle Ventura de la Vega 5, 28014 - Madrid
Calle Hortaleza 74, 28004 - Madrid, (Chueca)
From 16 euros/night