Presentation of the Rector

Dear Students and Friends:

When beginning a crucial period in your lives, such as choosing the degree program and the University where you are going to get your academic training, you should bear in mind that it will affect your personal and professional future.

When making these choices you need to take into consideration all possible information about the University at which you would like to study: its history, current reality and the possibilities it may give you in the future. Therefore, education is one of the most worthwhile decisions we can make.

This education entails, not only the chosen field of study, but must also include comprehensive training to prepare students for professional life while helping them grow as people who share the values based on Christian Humanism preached by CEU San Pablo University

This comprehensive education is based on several foundations:

Firstly, the long experience in higher education guaranteed by more than 80 years and recognized by society, as well as thousands of graduates trained by our University

Secondly, our prestigious faculty with backgrounds in teaching. professional careers and research and a strong vocation for teaching which combines tradition and innovation to take advantage of their experience when educating the students.

Thirdly, by offering education that is open to international experience. Our University is a forerunner in international bilingual degrees and has a wide range of student exchange programs in place with prestigious Universities all around the world.

This international experience allows students to face the challenges posed by an increasignly globalized and competitive world on the national and international level.

Finally, by providing students with a variety of services, which allow them to fully develop their talents, such as the Employment Orientation Center (COIE), the Language Center, and a wide range of cultural, sports, spritual and volunteer activities.

In addition, talent support is one of the distinctive features of our University, which makes an important effort to foster students who demonstrate the greatest dedication and commitment to their work by providing them with scholarships and other financial support.

In other words, CEU San Pablo University endeavors to offer comprehensive education to its students and has become a benchmark for higher education. It fills us with pride and encourages us to carry on when we see that our graduates are among the most qualified and recognized entrepreneurs and professionals of our state. Their example is the essence of our University.

For all these reasons, you may be sure that when making an important decision such as choosing your degree and the University where you will earn it, our paths will cross.

Antonio Calvo Bernardino Dean of CEU San Pablo University


Dentistry Student from France

Camille Arnoux

From the very beginning you feel a certain bond with the professors.

One of this year’s most positive aspects are the professors. As a foreigner on a Spanish course, I really took note of the professors’ interest in me as a student and their particular attention whenever I would ask a question. From the very beginning, you feel a certain bond with the professors, who are real Dentistry professionals and who treat us like future professionals and colleagues. They share their knowledge with us while focusing on practical cases, allowing us to gain knowledge of in-depth notions that can seem rather complex at first glance.
To me, the professor that represents this best is Ana, a professor of Introduction to Dentistry. She teaches us the basics of the dentist profession from the first year by giving us personal examples that she has seen throughout her career. An extra little bonus: she speaks French!

Architecture Student from Mexico

Miguel Angel Martínez Escartín

The values that the CEU pass on to its students build a great foundation for one’s professional life as well as one’s personal life.

At CEU, the professors grant their students very personal and constant attention. The professors and their office hours are very flexible. They are very patient when it comes to explaining things and they offer support when necessary.
The professors are all excellent, but if I had to choose any favorites, I would have to say that they are: Ricardo from the Foundations of Physics I. He is an incredible teacher as well as a kind person who really knows how to explain things; Alejandro, from Introduction to Architecture who, apart from being an excellent professor, also gives you advice on books to read and tips to help you study better; Miguel Acosta from Anthropology who explains this difficult subject in a very clear and concrete way.
The installations are very convenient and they are all adapted to the student’s needs, helping us differentiate between practical and theoretical subjects. This helps you a lot with focusing on what you want to do, and the installations are wide and correspond to their function.

Law student from the United States

Jacqueline Schulkin

Studying in Madrid is brilliant because it is a fantastic city filled with culture, history, entertainment, as well as being very safe.

The professors at the University CEU San Pablo are very competent in their respective courses. They also teach us how to think critically, how to apply theory to practice and how to communicate our ideas with the rest of the group. The professors have humane and ethnic values and they try to pass these on to their students. The classes have a nice atmosphere. There is warmth and companionship; it is a safe environment based on respect.
The University CEU San Pablo grants personalized attention to the students. Every student has its personal tutor, with whom he/she can talk about the formal education or any other doubt he/she is having. The administration staff is always prepared to talk to the students as well.
Studying in Madrid is brilliant because it is a fantastic city filled with culture, history, entertainment, as well as being very safe. Living in the capital of Spain obviously has a global significance. In Madrid you can really appreciate art, the gastronomy and theatre. You will easily find university students who are really enjoying themselves, the nightclubs are great fun, and they generally provide a good environment. Madrid is one of the safest cities in Europe. There are a lot of police officers monitoring the streets ensuring the safety of the people. They are constantly at everyone’s disposal. A mobile app also exists, where it is possible to discretely contact them at any time.   

Architecture student from Venezuela

Leslie Rios

My entire experience at CEU has been made so easy thanks to the great personalized attention I have received.

Every single one of the professors at CEU shows that teaching is their calling. In every lesson this is clearly reflected in the efforts they put in and the quality we as students receive. And if we add the academic excellence to this attitude, then we honour the reputation of our university. Although I have been at CEU only a short time, I feel deep respect and admiration for my professors.
A university that is as demanding as CEU cannot allow itself to offer a service to its students training that do not generate a good level of education and development. This is why its facilities are the most complete and advanced ones; each of them are adequate for its function and allow us to realize our activities comfortably and correctly.
Why Madrid? Because it is a wonderful city that has all services, good means of transport, a lot of entertainment, great commerce, and most of all, it is a highly cultural city.
My entire process at CEU has been eased greatly thanks to the personalized attention I have received. It is nice to feel that they care for you and that you will always get help when needed.
I have grown up in a catholic frame and my studies took place in a catholic college from preschool. At home, the principles and values of being humane predominated and these were reinforced in high school. I was able to identify with CEU as the university preaches what I have aspired to my whole life.

Dentistry Student from Taiwan

Wilson Wu

I’m grateful to have such an opportunity to study Dentistry in Spain. It’s not just a period of studying abroad, but a chance to broaden my worldview.

Out of all the classes I have taken at CEU University, I appreciated the professor of the Biology course the most. She is not only focused on teaching the students, but she also has a chat with the international students during the break. She tries to understand our academic difficulties or problems with adapting to their new environment in Madrid.
The facilities at the dental practical clinic are fully equipped and highly qualified; all the students can acquire the treatment skills without concern.
Studying abroad is a very special experience for me, I can make friends who lived in foreign countries and I find people in Madrid friendly. For instance, locals are willing to lead the way if tourists are not familiar with the tourist spots.
I’m grateful to have such an opportunity to study Dentistry in Spain. It’s not just a period of studying abroad, but a chance to broaden my worldview, adapt to international conventions and becoming a real international competitive expert.




School of Humanities and Communication Sciences Paseo de Juan XXIII, 6, 8 y 10. 28040 Madrid
Law School c/ Avenida del Valle, 21. 28003 Madrid
School of Economics and Business c/ Julián Romea, 23. 28003 Madrid

Description of the neighborhood and its facilities

The Moncloa Campus of CEU San Pablo University is located in the Moncloa-Aravaca district, in the Northwest of the city. The Moncloa district contains numerous green areas, Casa de Campo for instance, a park which is considered as the most important green lung of the city. The district contains three neighborhoods in the central zone: Argüelles, Valdezarza and Ciudad Universitaria.
Besides being surrounded by students in Ciudad Universitaria, you will be able to benefit from the numerous cafes and restaurants that are located in the Moncloa district, including Calle Princesa, one of the principal shopping streets of Madrid.

How to get there (metrolines, buses)


Moncloa (line 3 + 6), Guzmán el Bueno (line 6 + 7), Islas Filipinas (line 7), Metropolitano (line 6)


Isaac Peral - Julián Romea (C1), General Ampudia (2), San Fco. de Sales - Andres Mellado (44)

Where to live if you study at the Moncloa Campus

Dormitories and student housing

In Madrid you will find all kinds of housing: co-ed, female, male, more economical or more expensive, ones with fewer facilities or more, with fewer rules or more… In the following link you will find a list of dormitories. We suggest you take a look at every facility’s website and evaluate aspects such as the price, whether they offer full-board or half board, the daily “in” and “out” times, the cleaning services, the distance from the campus etc. In google maps, you will clearly see the distance from your accommodations to the Schools.

Renting a flat through an agency

Real estate agencies can help you find an individual apartment; in general they do not offer shared flats. The University does not accept any liability in the event that you experience problems with the agency. We can only provide you with information about the agencies you can find in the area.
Agencies usually charge one or two months’ rent for their services.

+34 918003584

+34914450390 / +34 649579446


Furthermore, some offices help students find an apartment or a room in a shared flat. These agencies act as an intermediary between landlords and tenants. You sign a contract with the agency and pay the rent directly to them.
Normally, you will share a flat with other students, in other words, there is a shared kitchen, bathroom and living room but you will have a private room. Agencies usually charge one month’s rent for their services.

Uniplaces is the global brand for student accommodation. Use the promo code USPCEU to get 25% off the service fee.

+34 91 837 10 68

Moncloa Office: +34 91 543 20 31


Also, you can look for an individual or a shared flat on the EL IDEALISTA website. It is an excellent way to find accommodation by area or price and by looking at pictures…


Urbanización Montepríncipe – 28925 Alcorcón


School of Medicine

School of Pharmacy

University Polytechnic School

Description of the neighborhood and its facilities

The Montepríncipe Campus is located 35 minutes from the city center of Madrid. Montepríncipe is a residential zone with housing developments and is situated close to the mountain.

How to get there (metrolines, buses, CEU transport)

Public transport

You will find the Montepríncipe station on line ML 3 of Metro Ligero Oeste which you can take from Colonia Jardín (line 10). The fee corresponds to the B1 Zone. You can also take the buses 571, 573 and 574.

University transport

Students enrolled at the University can take a free university bus which departs from Plaza de Castilla (on the corner of Avenida de Asturias) at 7:45 and 13:35 or from Moncloa (Moncloa bus station and Plaza Marqués de Comillas) at the same time. The bus leaves from Montepríncipe at 14:30 and 20:30 in the direction of Plaza Castilla and at 14:30, 18:30 and 20:30 in the direction of Moncloa.

Where to live if you study at the Montepríncipe Campus

There are no ideal dormitory options for students in Montepríncipe and usually students decide to live in the center of Madrid.
However, if you prefer to live close to the Montepríncipe campus, you can take a look at the options in the following link:

University life


Alongside teaching CEU San Pablo offers its students the possibility of participating in a range of different activity programs related to the world of culture: theater, music, films, an introduction to the Opera, debate forums, personal creativity contests and many more. Our offers will enrich your life at university as well as complement your academic life, while you have fun and make your time at the University unforgettable.
On our website you will find a wide range of classes and workshops available to our students. These workshops are held throughout the year (October till May). However the Cultural Activities Services also organizes a large number of conferences, seminars, film screenings etc. which are announced in the “Agenda” section (on the University homepage) and in the “Destacadas” section of the Cultural Activities webpage.
Watch the video on the university’s cultural activities.

To contact the Cultural activities Service:

Moncloa Campus

Carmen Cabrera

Montepríncipe Campus

Mª Paz Lorenzo

Sports Activities

Through our Sports Services we try our best to promote the practice of multiple activities amongst our students. We offer those who already play a sport the chance to continue their passion here. We organize in-club competitions as well as participate in Madrid’s inter-university and national competitions, and we are quite succesful, seeing as 1 out of 3 students at our University plays a sport.

  • Internal Leagues: Chess, basketball, indoor women’s soccer and men’s soccer, golf, paddle tennis, tennis and table tennis.
  • Sports schools. If you are not fond of competing, you have the chance to play a sport for the fun of it: paddle tennis, tennis, aerobics, Pilates, LBT, fitness, personal training or join the running club.

If you love to train and compete with the elite in national university sports, if you want to feel the colors of your university, and you want to represent it at national events, you will also be given that opportunity! Become part of the university’s basketball, indoor soccer, soccer, women’s 7 soccer, golf, rugby, volleyball or beach volleyball teams.

Additionally the University also offers nature excursions, giving you the chance to enjoy something different. The activities we organize are weekend adventure trips, ski trips, trips to the woods, canoeing, rafting, hydro speeding and canyoneering.

To contact the Sport Service

Moncloa Campus

Montepríncipe Campus

Volunteering – Development Cooperation

During your time at the University, we at CEU San Pablo invite you to help those who are less fortunate through our Volunteering and International Cooperation Service.

During this course you will be able to participate in activities like helping children at risk of social exclusion, elderly people who are lonely or sick, the ill or handicapped people, the homeless and immigrants.

In the summer we invite you to join us at our camps for children with Down’s syndrome or people with mental or physical disabilities.

You will also be able to participate in international volunteering activities in Peru, Benin, Angola and Sierra Leone. Furthermore, the Volunteering Service organizes campaigns for blood donation with the Red Cross, and collecting school supplies, clothes, mobile phones, computers, food etc. They also organize solidarity markets at Christmas to collect gifts for those who are most in need.

To contact the Volunteering and International Cooperation Service

Moncloa Campus

Montepríncipe Campus

Pastoral Activities

Our Pastoral Service organizes activities on our campuses in Moncloa and Montepríncipe, such as daily Masses, Eucharistic adoration, the Sacrament of Confession and morning prayers. If you are interested you can also take part in the dialogue and communication group for young people. They meet every Tuesday at our campus church, or you can join the Newman Group.

The Pastoral Service also invites you to participate in other activities that they organize: pilgrimages, experiencing God workshops and spiritual exercises (at Advent,Lent and other times of the year..) We also organize talks, debates and conferences to motivate Faith-Culture dialogue.

To contact the Pastoral Service


Isaac Peral, 58/ 28040 Madrid

Tel: 91 453 95 67 (Ext.:5818), fax: 91 535 19 98

Psychological Center

Our Psychological Center is a service that offers help and guidance free of charge to the students of CEU San Pablo.

You can visit it if you are experiencing situations you feel are difficult to cope with on your own.

  • When you are going through a situation that is causing you problems or discomfort in your daily life.
  • When you are feeling bad and you cannot find the source of your discomfort or suffering.
  • When you are facing problems that are not being resolved with the passing of time.
  • When something goes wrong with your studies, and you do not know what it is or how to deal with it.

You are welcome to talk to us about personal issues (anxiety, fears, difficulties adapting, etc.), relationship issues (family, friends, colleagues, partners, etc.) academic issues (concentration, exam anxiety, habits and techniques, etc.), degree-realted issues (dissatisfaction with your degree choice, etc.) or any other issue you may want to talk about.

We will, through confidential conversations, help you understand what is happening to you and how you can overcome it.

To Contact the Psychological Center

Moncloa and Argüelles Campus

Julián Romea, 20 – planta baja.
Tel.91 5140437 – 91 5140400 ext.5615
Wednesdays 9:30 AM - 2:00 PM. and 3:00 PM - 5:30 PM. Fridays 9:30 AM - 1:30 PM.
In charge of the Service: Maite Gutiérrez Duque 


Montepríncipe Campus

Edificio de la Escuela Politécnica Superior - Despacho 211.
Tel.: 91 372 40 31 Ext. 4976
MondayS 9:15 AM - 2:30 PM. and 3:00 PM - 5:30 PM.
In charge of the service: Maite Gutiérrez Duque

Health Center

We have a Health Center at each of our campuses. Whenever you feel unwell or you have hurt yourself, you can visit the Health Center. Additionally your enrollment at our University provides you with student insurance, which covers accidents that you may have within the University and on your daily journey to and from the University.

Contact the Health Center

To contact the Health Center

C/Julián Romea, 18
28003 Madrid
Tel.: 91-514 04 00
María Jesús Navas Batisse

Montepríncipe Campus

Urbanización Montepríncipe
28925 Alcorcón Madrid
Tel.: 91-715 15 69
Fax: 91-351 04 75
Mª Luisa Barber Baldó


Our cafeterias on each campus have very affordable menu prices. The cafeterias also function as student meeting points. There you can have coffee, soft drinks, sandwiches and snacks. The lunch menu consists of a starter, a main course, a drink and a dessert or coffee. And it is well within a student’s budget.


The libraries integrated into CEUNET, the network of libraries belonging to the CEU San Pablo University Foundation are committed to serving the University Community.

Their aim is to offer users the material and human resources which provide access to information and help develop critical thinking. In support of this they provide you with: study spaces, collections and services ranging from interlibrary loans to research rooms, from basic subject bibliography to highly specialized collections, such as the Beethoven collection, from historical archives to a modern media library.

Additionally the library runs two reading clubs that are very popular amongst students; The Crime Fiction Book Club and the Poetry Reading Club.

Language Center


Spanish Course

Collaborations with cultural institutes

Official Examinations