First year students
Transfer of university records
The Interview
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First year students

The admission process for 1st year students involves 4 simple steps: 

  1. Application
  2. Selection
  3. Provisional Acceptance
  4. Acceptance and Enrollment
  5. Administrative rules


The application for admission begins through the following link. Once it has been completed, you will receive an e mail with your personal user name and password giving you access to your future student portal.


The selection process consists in an evaluation of the candidate’s personal and academic records, a skills test (general and language test), and an orientation interview

During the admission process you must provide the following documents:

  • Passport
  • Photo
  • Academic transcripts of the studies you have carried out to date, which allow you access to the Spanish University system. In the case of secondary school students, the grades for the last two academic years
  • Resumé
  • Language certificates
  • Personal Statement

The documentation must be uploaded in the application to be able to continue with the skills test.

If you opt for one of the International Degrees consult the admission requirements for each program through this link.

Grades: We do not require a minimum score or grade, since these are considered alongside your academic and personal records. For this reason, we recommend that all additional documentation required be prepared very carefully.

Evaluation of the candidate:

  • 60% academic records
  • 40% evaluation of personal and academic profile during the interview (includes language competence).


If you have completed the selection process and still do not meet all the requirements for Admission to Spanish Universities (Recognition of the High School Diploma, UNED accreditation, etc.) you will be notified by e mail of your provisional acceptance. This notification will indicate how to formalize the pre-registration and the deadline for doing his.  

The pre-registration process is formalized through payment by bank transfer (€ 595) and sending proof of payment to 

Furthermore, if you have indicated in your application that you wish to receive International Student Support, you must meet the cost of these services (€ 450)

Payment of the pre-registration fee guarantees your place, provided that the payment is made by the deadline indicated on the provisional acceptance letter. Your guaranteed place is subject to whether there are vacancies at the moment you provide documentary evidence of having complied with all the legal requirements for entrance to a Spanish University.  

The amount paid as a pre-registration fee does not form part of the academic fees and is non-refundable.


Definitive acceptance will be granted once the student has provided documentary evidence of satisfying the entrance requirements for Spanish Universities (through official recognition of foreign studies). Once admitted, the candidate will be notified by e mail with instructions on how to formalize enrollment.

Formalization of enrollment involves three steps:

  • Payment of the enrollment fees (€ 1,295 in Bachelor Degrees and € 1,795 in Double Degrees) within the deadline indicated in the acceptance notification.
  • Completion of the registration-enrollment form
  • Signing of the registration-enrollment document

Once the selection process has been completed, those students who have completed the studies allowing them to access University studies and have submitted the documentation accrediting this, will proceed directly to the stage of Definitive Acceptance, with no need for provisional acceptance. In this case, payment of the pre-inscription and enrollment fees must be made simultaneously (€ 595 + € 1.295).

Enrollment will not be final until the original documents required for entrance to Spanish universities (or certified copies) have been received.


International students wishing to study Medicine can find out about this process through the following link (in Spanish only).  

Administrative rules

To learn more about Administrative rules click here.

Transfer of university records

If you have begun/completed university studies and wish to transfer to CEU San Pablo University, the process consists of the following steps: 

  1. Application
  2. Selection
  3. Provisional Acceptance
  4. Acceptance and Enrollment
  5. Administrative rules


The application for admission begins through the following link. Once it has been completed, you will receive an e mail with your personal user name and password enabling you access your application. Through your application you will be able to consult the status of your application, as well as request International Student Support Services. 


The selection process consists in an interview which may be on-line (Skype) or face-to-face, and evaluation of the candidate’s personal and academic curriculum vitae. 

For this purpose you must provide the following documents (in the language you are going to study in) 

  • Academic transcript of subjects passed indicating marks and credits.
  • Recent curriculum vitae
  • Covering letter explaining your situation and the reasons why you are applying for a transfer to the CEU San Pablo University.

The documentation must be uploaded before the interview is held through your application. You can also send the documentation by e mail to  


If you have completed the selection process, the next step is to produce provisional credit recognition/transfer report so that you know what your definitive acceptance will be like. The provisional credit recognition/transfer report has a cost of € 60 which you must pay through a transfer. 

For the provisional report to be drawn up, you must supply the following documentation: 

  • Academic Transcript from the University where you took the degree courses (an uncertified copy of the transcript is acceptable)
  • Syllabus stamped by the University (including the number of credits and the type of subject. Uncertified copies are acceptable)
  • Subject programmes from the University (Uncertified copies are acceptable)

If your documents are not in Spanish or English, we will indicate whether it is necessary to furnish a translation of the documents. 

Once your documentation has been submitted, we will inform you of the outcome within 3 weeks so that you can understand clearly the conditions under which you would be enrolling at our University.  

If you agree with the provisional validation report, you must notify us of this through an e-mail addressed to the International Student Admission and Support Service in order to proceed with your pre-admission.

Formalization of the pre-admission is done through payment by bank transfer (€ 595. Pre-inscription fee) 

Furthermore, If you have indicated in your application that you would like to receive the Support Services available for International Students, then you must pay the cost of these services (€ 450). 

CEU San Pablo University’s model of higher education, based on personalized accompaniment, the values of Christian Humanism, solidarity and team work, means that the University can only guarantee the competence of its graduates after they have spent a period of time exposed to this model. For this reason, it only accepts academic transfers from other Universities that do not involve recognition or transfer of more than 120 credits. 


Definitive acceptance will be granted once you provide the original academic information or certified copies by post or in person: 

  • Marks transcript stamped by the university, original or certified copy
  • Syllabus stamped by the university, original or certified copy
  • Programmes of the subjects giving rise to credit recognition and transfer, stamped by the university, originals or certified copies.

Should the university studies have been pursued outside the European Union, they must also be legalized by means of the Sole Apostille under the Hague Convention or else via diplomatic authentication.

Once we have this documentation, you will be granted Definitive Acceptance and you may formalize your enrolment through the following procedures: 

  • Payment of the enrolment fees (€ 1,295) within the period indicated in the acceptance notification
  • Completion of the registration form
  • Signing of the registration document

Administrative rules

To know more about Administrative rules click here.

The Interview

Steps for selecting interview dates

  • Access to the international admission form through your ID document or access to your future student's intranet
  • Choose a time and a date to have your interview
  • You can have the interview online (Skype) or in person, whichever you prefer
  • When you have chosen a date and time to have your interview, you will receive an email with instructions
  • Do not forget the day of your interview, (remember it is Spanish time!) and please upload all the required documents beforehand.

Your interview day is a unique opportunity for us to get to know the CEU San Pablo University applicants better and vice versa. 

On the day of your admissions test your will have an interview with a professor from the faculty where you wish to study. 

Take advantage of this opportunity to ask anything you want! E.g. “What are the exams like?”, “How many students are in a class?”, “What subjects will be covered during the first year?” 

The professors will assess the reasons behind your wanting to study your chosen degree, what your interests are beyond academics, as well as your linguistic competence. 

The objective of the interview is to ensure your academic success at our University as a future student. 

If you forget to ask us something, you can call the International Student Admission and Support Service on +34915140404 or send us an email at we will happily help with any queries. 



  • Pre-inscription: the amount payable on pre-inscription (595 €) is not reimbursed in any case.
  • International Support Services. All international students (international student meaning those who reside outside of Spain) pay the fees of the Support Services (350 €), that we have designed for them, along with the preadmission fee. These services are provided to facilitate the students’ access to the Spanish University and their integration into their new environment. This amount cannot be refunded. Only students who present a Spanish DNI or TIE+Volante Homologación/Credencial UNED are exempt from this payment.
  • Recognition/validation of credits: the fees for provisional report of recognition/validation of credits (60 €) are not reimbursed in any case.
  • Enrolment: the enrolment fee payment (1.295 €) will be made once the student meets the legal requirements for access to university. Students enrolled in the University wishing to resign their place must notify the International Student Admission and Support Service in writing. If the student withdraws before the beginning of the academic year, 50% of the enrolment fees will be reimbursed. From that date reimbursement is not considered. Nevertheless, the student can withdraw within 14 days from the date of official enrolment in the University.
  • Tuition Fees: the tuition fees are the result of multiplying number of credits and credit price. Tuition fees will be paid in 9 months from October to June. In case the student would like to make only a payment will have a 3% discount and the payment will be done in November.
  • Recognized/validated credits (for transfer students). The price of a recognized/validated credit is 32 €. The amount of recognized/validated credits will be paid in only one payment in January.
  • A low attendance rate justified or not, does not exempt a student from tuition fee payments. 
  • 8) Leaving the University: the withdrawal of the student will be effective only through reliable communication in writing to: Student Administration. San Pablo CEU University. Montepríncipe campus. Polytechnic School Building, 1st Floor. 28925 Alcorcón - Madrid. Fax: 915 349 446. Email:

The formalization of the enrolment implies the student’s acceptance of the Organization and Operation Regulations of the University, its regulation development and its validity throughout the course of study on which the student is enrolled

Financial Aids

The Fundación CEU San Pablo (CEU San Pablo Foundation) is the private entity that invests the most in scholarships and study grants throughout Spain. With a clear Christian vision, charitable and non-profit, our goal is that no student stays, for economic reasons, without studying the university degree of his choice.


Therefore, we have designed the CEU Talent Bridge scholarships for international students at Universidad CEU San Pablo (CEU San Pablo University).


The CEU Talent Bridge is a financial aid program for students from foreign pre-university systems who want to attend 1st year of university. Its fundamental objective is to reward the talent in our classrooms. .
The program grants up to 50% of the academic fees*, depending on the academic record and profile of the candidate, and offers the possibility of renewing the scholarship during all the years of the degree.
* Academic fees are the total price of an academic year; do not include the fees of the Selection Process, Pre-Registration or Tuition.


Talent Bridge scholarships are awarded to students who meet the following requirements:

  • Reside outside Spain and come from a foreign pre-university educational system.
  • Have a high school diploma, or equivalent, equal to or greater than 8 out of 10.
  • Have been admitted through the international admission process.
  • Pay the Pre-registration and Reservation of place at Universidad CEU San Pablo before June 4, 2018.

* Transfer students will not be able to apply for financial aid.


For the award of the scholarship, the Commission will take the following relevant merits into consideration to evaluate the candidates:

  • Academic Records: have a superior grade compared to the rest of the candidates and evaluated as excellent by the Commission.
  • Languages: the domain of two or more languages (with the standards and certificates of habitual use). For the purposes of level accreditation, standards and equivalences of certificates and diplomas will be used in relation to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR, or CEFR in English).
  • Social and extracurricular activities:extracurricular activities that contributed to the enrichment of the personality, values and effort (sports, volunteering, work experience, etc.). In this respect, the candidate will be allowed to present the documentation that is considered that certifies the extracurricular activity and/or recommendation letters of the people under whose responsibility these activities have taken place.

Aspects 2 and 3 will be valued with the documentation provided by the candidate during his admission process (motivation letter, CV and language certificate).


The candidate must request the scholarship by sending an email to

  • Date:Before June 4 at 12.00 am.
  • Subject:Request CEU TALENT BRIDGE financial Aid.
  • E-mail body:Name and surname + degree in which you have been admitted.
  • Documents to be attached to the e-mail:Academic record of the last year completed Document of equivalence of qualifications to the Spanish educational system.
    This document may be the homologation credential of the Ministry of Education or the UNED (indicating a grade from 1 to 10). If the candidate does not have the homologation document by the date indicated, the University will accept the equivalence made by the educational company HOMOLOGATION.COM ( Tel. +34 628 237 237). The equivalence document is issued within 72 hours. Cost: € 30


On June 11, 2018, applicants will be notified of the resolution of the CEU Talent Bridge via email.

The grant of this aid will be firm after its communication, although the candidate has not yet presented the credential or homologation of qualification of access to the University. But it will always be conditioned to prove, through the established documentation, that the conditions of access to the University are met.

Unsubscribe from the CEU Talent Bridge program

If a candidate is not granted with scholarship, he may, if he wishes, exercise his right to desist, in the legally established terms, of his condition of " Pre-registration and Reservation of place ", giving him the amount paid by Such a concept, in accordance with the provisions of the bases.

If the candidate has paid the Welcome Services (€450), this amount will only be refunded if the student has not received any of the services by the date of financial aid resolution.



Grant for Students of the CEU-BU Program


The University CEU San Pablo offers international students a package of services so that their arrival in Spain and incorporation into the University is as comfortable and simple as possible.

The Admission Service and New International Student will support you at all times, helping you with the procedures in your country, contracting services in Madrid (Bank, healthcare, etc.) and solving any doubts or actions that may arise during the course.


ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICES (Before coming to Madrid)


The team will help you during the Admission Process so that differences in education systems do not cause problems and you can process the homologation of your studies to the Spanish system. We will take care of:

  • -Providing you with the list of documentation you must deliver (adapted to each case and specific nationality)
  • -Check the documentation sent
  • -Deliver documentation to the corresponding official offices *
  • -Supervision and follow-up of procedures (payment of fees, deadlines, etc.)
  • -Collecting final approval document.

*The University does not guarantee that the candidate obtains the homologation to the title of Spanish Bachelor or the Credential of the UNED, since the final decision depends on the Ministry of Education and Culture of Spain and the National University of Distance Education.


If you are not an EU citizen, in order to study in Madrid and therefore to reside in Spain for more than 6 months, you must apply for your Foreign Identity Number and the physical card (TIE).

If you are an EU citizen you can apply for Registration as a foreigner and obtain a Foreign Identity Number. It is not mandatory but it will allow you to carry out procedures in Spain like signing a work contract.

The Service of Admission and New International Student will take care of:

  • -Providing you with the list of documentation you must deliver (adapted to the case and specific nationality)
  • -Receiving your documentation and deliver it to the Immigration Police for processing*
  • -Paying the administrative fees

*The University will act on behalf of the student in the first step of the process (application). The following steps (only for students who are not EU citizens) must be done by the student, since nobody can act on his behalf (the second step of the TIE is to contribute to the fingerprint).


Each country has different legislation and the procedures for studying in a foreign country are often complex. In particular, applying for a visa is one of the most complicated steps, since, in most cases, it involves having a letter of invitation or contract (study / work).

For this reason, if you need to ask for a student visa to be able to study in Madrid, we will send you your letter of acceptance by registered mail.


The University CEU San Pablo de Madrid has an agreement with the prestigious Santander Bank for international students. The Admission and New International Student Service offers to manage the opening of a bank account and will make an appointment with the Santander Bank so that, upon your arrival in Madrid, you can collect the documentation for your bank account and meet the staff of the bank.



CEU San Pablo University offers a 20-hour Spanish course to all international students. The course will begin in September and will be taught the basics of the language to move freely in Madrid.


Just because you are an international student of CEU San Pablo University you will receive an identification card: International Student Card. With this card you can enjoy discounts on major brands, leisure, culture, accommodation, transport, restaurants, mobile phone offers and courses. More than 6 million students around the world are already enjoying their benefits. ¡No te quedes sin la tuya!

Service offered by ISIC.


You will receive a city travel card that will allow you to discover every corner of Madrid. Upon your arrival, select your monthly plan and start using the wide public transport network of the Community of Madrid (metro, bus, light rail, suburban train, etc.)

Service offered by Citylife Madrid*


We are going to give you a Spanish sim card together with €15 in calls and internet. You will only have to pick it up at the Citylife offices on your arrival.

Service offered by Citylife Madrid*

Personal counseling service

If you have doubts about your academic future, we want to help you by offering you a personal counseling service so that you can solve them. A team of counselors, teaching staff and CEU students of your nationality will be at your disposal whenever you need them.

Please, fill in the following form and we will contact you soon.

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