Presentation of the Rector

Dear Students and Friends:

When beginning a crucial period in your lives, such as choosing the degree program and the University where you are going to get your academic training, you should bear in mind that it will affect your personal and professional future.

When making these choices you need to take into consideration all possible information about the University at which you would like to study: its history, current reality and the possibilities it may give you in the future. Therefore, education is one of the most worthwhile decisions we can make.

This education entails, not only the chosen field of study, but must also include comprehensive training to prepare students for professional life while helping them grow as people who share the values based on Christian Humanism preached by CEU San Pablo University

This comprehensive education is based on several foundations:

Firstly, the long experience in higher education guaranteed by more than 80 years and recognized by society, as well as thousands of graduates trained by our University

Secondly, our prestigious faculty with backgrounds in teaching professional careers and research, and a strong vocation for teaching which combines tradition and innovation to take advantage of their experience when educating the students.

Thirdly, by offering education that is open to international experience. Our University is a forerunner in international bilingual degrees and has a wide range of student exchange programs in place with prestigious Universities all around the world.

This international experience allows students to face the challenges posed by an increasingly globalized and competitive world on the national and international level.

Finally, by providing students with a variety of services, which allow them to fully develop their talents, such as the Employment Orientation Center, the Language Center, and a wide range of cultural, sports, spiritual and volunteer activities.

In addition, talent support is one of the distinctive features of our University, which makes an important effort to foster students who demonstrate the greatest dedication and commitment to their work by providing them with scholarships and other financial support.

In other words, CEU San Pablo University endeavors to offer comprehensive education to its students and has become a benchmark for higher education. It fills us with pride and encourages us to carry on when we see that our graduates are among the most qualified and recognized entrepreneurs and professionals of our state. Their example is the essence of our University.

For all these reasons, you may be sure that when making an important decision such as choosing your degree and the University where you will earn it, our paths will cross.

Antonio Calvo Bernardino
Dean of CEU San Pablo University