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Basic dates

To this day, the archive holds documentation dated between 1970 and 2011, although it is an open collection and it may hence hold more in the future.

Administrative history

Establishment: the archive was created during the university directors’ meeting held on 28 October 2004. Prior to that, the draft Rules and Regulations of the General Archive at USP-CEU (Reglamento provisional del Archivo General de la CEU-USP) were approved during the university directors’ meeting held on 15 January 2004.

The collection of the General Archive (Archivo General de la CEU-USP) comprises all documents generated by the university in the exercise of its duties. It includes documents from the Board, the Rectorate (including documents from the Vice-Rectorates and the General Secretariat), Management, General Services, Schools, Institute of Technology (EPS), and Institutes.

Conditions for access

Each records series has specific access conditions, as estipulated by the Spanish Qualifying Commission for Administrative Documents (Comisión Calificadora de Documentos Administrativos) as well as current legislation. Being a central archive, access its only permitted to the agencies that created the documents in the first place.



Individual advice on searching and locating records in the Archive, both in-person or via email or phone.

On-site access to records in the administrative documentation room as well as lending of original documents to offices.



Copies of requested documents, observing prevailing limitations imposed by current legislation as well as by the Archive’s rules and regulations.



Universidad CEU San Pablo’s General Archive belongs to ArchiCEU network.


Montepríncipe Campus
Institute of Technology, Ctra. Boadilla del Monte
km 5.300. 28925 Alcorcón. Madrid

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday from 9am to 2pm and from 3pm to 6pm. Summer: closed between 15 July and 15 August.