The European Researchers' Night

What is the European Researchers' night?

The European Researchers' night is a project to support researchers' careers. It is held in more than 350 European cities. In Madrid, it is coordinated together with Fundación Madri+d. This project is financed by the European Union, withing the Programme Horizon 2020 on research and innovation, under the agreement number 101036010.

Researchers' night 2021

During the European Researchers' Night of Madrid 2021, more than 100 activities in different locations of Community of Madrid and Ibero-America will take place  (with the collaboration of OEI) on Friday 24 and Saturday 25 de septiembre. It seeks to bring researchers and citizens together for the latter to know more about their work, the benefits it brings to socioety and its consequences on our daily life. 

Universidad CEU San Pablo will offer the chance to discover on what our researchers work in order to imrpove the planet. For this task, 8 activities will be carried out. 

  1. Researcher for a day: Get in touch with the Research world. 
  2. Psychologist for a day. Tools to improve mental health and wellness.
  3. Design for everyone. Inclusive digital construction. FABLAB MADRID CEU. 
  4. Can landcsape be studied in a scientific way? Urban landscapes of Madrid
  5. Robotic rehabilitation: inrteraction between person and machine.
  6. Experiment colour and discover its origen. 
  7. Theorical and Practical workshop: Green Algorithms: the Use of Artificial Intelligence to achieve the SDG.
  8. Research and Innovation in Communicaiton, Design and Image: Creativity and SDG through the SCAMPER technic. 



Mª Paz Lorenzo, Profesora Farmacia CEU USP

Aplicaciones Prácticas de la Biotecnología

María Haro, Profesora Farmacia CEU USP

Las plantas que nos rodean: iniciación a la botánica

José Alfredo Vicente, profesor Farmacia CEU USP

Talleres de búsqueda de puntos motores en electroterapia

Carmen Martínez Cepa, profesora Medicina CEU USP
Becaria: María González Oliván

Búsqueda de nuevos principios activos de origen natural

Nuria Acero, profesora Farmacia CEU USP
Dolores Muñoz-Mingarro, profesora Farmacia CEU USP

Parásitos de nuestro mundo

María Dolores Ollero, profesora Farmacia CEU USP
Fernando Izquierdo, profesor Farmacia CEU USP

Laboratorio de Inmunología

Elizabeth Valdivieso, profesora Farmacia CEU USP

Prácticas en directo de Gastronomía y Tecnología Culinaria

María Achón, profesora Farmacia CEU USP

Bacterias de la piel: ¿aliadas o enemigas?

Marina Robas, profesora Farmacia CEU USP
María José Pozuelo, profesora Farmacia CEU USP

Investigación básica en patologías del sistema nervioso central

María Victoria cano, profesora Farmacia CEU USP
Beatriz Merino, profesora Farmacia CEU USP
Jesús Fernández de Felipe, doctorando Farmacia CEU USP

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