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1 de October de 2021
Movilidad internacional: Feria Virtual Internacional 2022-23 / Study Abroad: Virtual International Fair

Make the Most Out of Your University Experience – Study Abroad!

Would you like to enjoy a unique experience and become an international professional? Then, starting on Monday, you can’t miss our three-day Virtual International Fair for […]
27 de September de 2021
Feria Virtual Internacional 2022-23 / Virtual International Fair

Would you like to study abroad? Then don’t miss our Virtual International Fair!

Studying abroad can be a most enriching experience, not only for your studies, but for your life as a whole. Hence, at Universidad CEU San Pablo […]
21 de September de 2021
Presencialidad en las aulas de la USPCEU

Face-to-Face Teaching at USPCEU: Our University is Back to Normal

Whilst bearing in mind the current health situation as well as keeping the appropriate health and safety measures to ensure a safe environment for all, all […]
8 de July de 2021

Walk, meet, pray. An adventure in Santiago

Walk, meet, pray An adventure in Santiago Next year we have an adventure not to be missed. From 8 to 12 October 2021 the university pilgrimage […]
23 de November de 2020

Practical learning thanks to virtual reality

With the aim of continuing at the forefront of sanitary education and technological innovation, the last academic year the University added to its facilities a new anatomical digital equipment - specifically applied to university education -, consisting of a 3D visualization system and a tactile virtual table.
20 de November de 2020

The pandemic accelerates and consolidates digital transformation in CEU Universities

CEU strengthens its position as one of the educational references at an international level. Teaching in double presence, alliances with large technology companies, and the launch of pioneering degrees are some of the components of CEU’s digital transformation
12 de November de 2020

CEU Universities, in the ‘top ten’ of Spanish universities in Health and Life Sciences areas of the THE Ranking

CEU Universities is in the 'top ten' of Spanish universities in Health and Life Sciences areas of the THE ranking.
13 de October de 2020

A  huge welcome to COIL courses

The University has started its collaborative learning projects with students from other universities to offer scholars a great international academic experience.
23 de September de 2020

Preparatory courses to adequate academic background needed to succeed

Universidad CEU San Pablo designed a set of preparatory courses to guarantee that its students start their studies with an adequate academic level.
22 de September de 2020

CEU Universities rank 6th nationally, according to THE World University Rankings

CEU Universities rank 6th among Spanish institutions and are in the top 500 worldwide.
18 de June de 2020

We are reinventing education for the challenges to come

At the CEU San Pablo University we have laid the foundations for what will be the teaching of the future with classrooms prepared for a double presence.
16 de June de 2020

Schooling disrupted, schooling rethought

Un estudio de la OCDE y la Universidad de Harvard analiza el impacto del Covid-19 en educación y plantea sugerencias para tener en cuenta el próximo curso.
21 de October de 2019

Free can be expensive

Free has a cost and yet so many brands not only use but abuse the classic ‘buy one get one free’.
23 de September de 2019

CEU – Boston University Program news

Llegada de los estudiantes del Programa CEU-BU a Boston. Preparación previa, adaptación a la universidad y los primeros pasos dentro de esta experiencia.
8 de July de 2019

My time in Spain and first semester at CEU San Pablo

Perspectivas sobre la educación universitaria en el CEU San Pablo desde el punto de vista de un profesor con experiencia internacional
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