The goal of the degree in Advertising and Public Relations is to provide students with the tools required to develop their job with a sensible attitude and the capacity to find innovative and creative solutions to challenges in a globalized world. With the preparation communicative and the internships, the future graduate will learn the secrets of creativity, design, management and production, accounts and media planning, audiences and public.

Our University strives for academic and professional excellence as well as the comprehensive preparation of students quality in education, innovation, research, internships and internationalization, besides full employment for our students, which is a priority for us.

We also offer simultaneous degrees with Humanities Audiovisual Communication and Journalism respectively.


The Degree in Advertising and Public Relations is an attractive degree for those who feel that their vocation is related to creativity and persuasive communication. Its choice helps the development of design, production and the efficient expansion of advertising campaign and communicative strategies through the different media.

Markets evolve and society evolves too. But the need of marketing and advertising for product placement and reinforcing the results of products and services remains notwithstanding the speed in the development of the supports used for communication.


The academic offer that we propose to our future students has been designed throughout long years of pedagogic innovation and adaptation to the constant demands of society. This is why our degrees are the reprise to a global world and follow the criteria of the new teaching patterns of the European Higher Education Area (EHEA).


To define the suitable profile of the students applying for this degree, the final goals to be readied have to be considered:

  1. Students. They must show a special interest to understand the world and the society they are living in, besides these social, political and intellectual concerns. As far as their attitude is concerned, the must be ready to strive both individually and as a team. This is way in the selection process we pay special attention to motivation and the candidate’s capacities regarding these requirements. It is also necessary to show aptitudes for interaction and dialogue as well as the awareness of the need to put together humanistic and scientific Knowledge to contribute is social development.
  2. Future professionals. When they finish this degree, students will become professionals with a high cultural level, who master the professional language and have adopted the structural map of the concepts concerning the sector.
    The preparation should be adopted in an essential and systematic way, and a constant link should be established among subjects. They are not independent units but belong to a global plan of knowledge.
  3. Formation. The goal is the student’s integration in the professional life. This degree must be the result of a comprehensive education. This implies theory, system but it will also be practical and compromising. The capacity for dialogue through the use of interactive learning tools will be promoted. The basic skills required from the student are reading comprehension and developed skills in oral and writing, as well as potential to think about communicative phenomena in a creative way.
  4. The desirable candidate’s background education is social sciences as well as students and graduates from Social Sciences and Law.